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Reflections on Motherhood, Privilege and War

"For All Mothers"

This afternoon my husband built our son a playhouse. Ten minutes was all it took to assemble the basic sand-colored canvas, another ten to fill it with plush blankets and toys. As the sun streamed through our living room window and my husband marveled at the safe, sweet little space he’d built for our son,…

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Advent Prayer Guide: Taking Heart

We dwell in a world still racked with extreme poverty, violence, mass displacement, and suffering. Covid-19 continues to expose these realities of injustice in new and overwhelming ways, and it feels debilitating. Advent is a moment to enter in, hold these realities, bring the grief we carry, sit in the brokenness, and long together for…

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A Prayer for When It’s Too Much

On Thursday, the Trump administration announced its intention to set a refugee ceiling of just 18,000 for FY 2020. This drastic cut comes at one of the most vulnerable points in the refugee crisis.

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