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Reinaldo and Caseworkers

Reinaldo has only been involved with World Relief Tri-Cities for 5 months but is already paying it forward by sharing the knowledge he has gained with other refugees! He “loves helping people…all the time” and brings hope (and a contagious smile) to everyone who works with him. Fleeing From Home Reinaldo grew up in Cuba…

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A letter from the Director

Office Director Kenneth Primus shares an update with World Relief Tri Cities friends and partners. Friends of World Relief Tri Cities, Thank you for your faithful work of welcome with World Relief, creating a community of love and welcome for our immigrant neighbors together with us. We all know the past 3 years have been…

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TEDxTalk: One Refugee’s Life Experience | Côme Nzibarega

Born and raised in Burundi, Côme Nziberaga has a gift for languages; he speaks five – French, Swahili, Kirundi, Amharic, and English. In 2005, languages helped him land a job as a translator for a United Nations peacekeeping force sent to Burundi, which for decades has been plagued by conflicts between the nation’s two largest…

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Never Expected to Be a Refugee: From Sunset to Sunrise

I never expected to be a refugee. I joined a university when I was 18 years old, enrolling in the English department at Basra (the Port of Iraq). At the end of my time there, I graduated second in my department. After graduation, I stayed two more years as a researcher’s assistant and then five more…

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