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Living Outside the Box: A Story of Transformation (VIDEO)

“Thinking outside of the box” is a phrase often used to praise imaginative and bold ideas. When we need to solve a problem but there’s no clear path forward, our minds are stretched and we are forced to imagine a better way. But what would it look like to not just think outside the box, but to LIVE outside of the box as well? 

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Change That Lasts Through Mutual Transformation

by Amber Díaz Pearson // At World Relief Durham, we often talk about mutual transformation as a central goal for relationships within our community: among churches, between volunteers and newcomers, between staff and neighbors. But what does it take to build the kind of authentic friendships that would lead to mutual transformation?  While no two…

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World Relief Durham’s Efforts for Immigrant Equity

This summer, Adam Clark, World Relief Durham’s Executive Director, wrote a piece for local nonprofit partner Built2Last Innovations Lab‘s quarterly magazine, Vol. 3. World Relief Durham (WRD) is working towards one main goal in the Triangle region: immigrant equity. For hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who were born in another country, life presents numerous…

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A Biblical Perspective on Immigration

by Hunter Davis // “According to a LifeWay Research poll in 2022, just 20% of evangelical Christians say their views on the arrival of immigrants are primarily informed by the Bible. That is a shockingly low statistic for people who say the Bible is their highest authority.”  Matthew Soerens, World Relief’s Vice President of Policy…

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Was Jesus a Refugee?

Designed image with text that says was Jesus a refugee

“Jesus Was a Refugee.” Recently, I’ve seen that message all over — on billboards, TV ads, on t-shirts, debated on social media and beyond. Much of this messaging is part of a broader campaign called He Gets Us that aims to help people recognize that Jesus was a human being who can identify with us…

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Compassion & Advocacy

by Hunter West // Last December I took a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, led by Abara, a nonprofit faith-based organization, alongside pastors and ministry leaders from around the country. There, I gained a first-hand look at an issue often found in our news headlines. However, headlines often do not give the fullest sense of…

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7 Ways to Love Your Neighbor

In Rwanda we have a saying — “Ifuni ibagara ubucuti ni akarenge.” This literally means, “a hoe that cultivates friendship is a foot.” In other words, we love our neighbor by visiting them and helping if they need anything.  No matter where you live, loving your neighbor is an integral part of our call as…

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