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Thank God for Women — We’re Hiring

Thank God for Women is a blog series rooted in gratitude for the strength, courage, and incredible capacity women demonstrate.

No one in their right mind would apply for a job that had no vacations, no pay, and a workload that more than doubles around the holidays—especially a holiday in your honor.  More than any other holiday, Mother’s Day evokes the full range of emotions in people.

The propensity for a vast pendulum swing of sentiments is both deep and wide when it comes to Mother’s Day because mothering has so many different stages and phases.

There are the mommas that are in their first few moments of mothering. They are new to the journey and deep down inside they are wondering will I ever sleep again.

There are those in the trenches with little ones that wear the badge of food stains and puke on their shirts wondering, “will I ever take another uninterrupted shower in my life?”

There are those wading in the choppy waters of the testing years of motherhood. You have colored many grey hairs and your knees are wobbly and skinned from praying that your children would find a path that leads them to wholeness and freedom.

There are the single mom’s that are more than deserving of adorning themselves each morning in a super woman cape as they shoulder the responsibilities of being both parent and provider outside of a partnership.

There are those rejoicing with vibrant and fulfilling relationships with their children.

There are those mourning in the grief of a miscarriage, failed adoption, or loss of a child.

There are those walking the desert road of infertility.  Feeling alone and discouraged choking back tears at every other woman’s baby shower and birth announcement.

There are the adoptive moms, foster moms, mentor moms, and spiritual moms that pull children into their hearts and homes and love them as their own.

There are those who experience disappointment, heartache, and distance with their children and this day highlights and underscores the ever-present ache that you carry.

There are those who lost their mothers…and the missing of their own Momma vibrates through their being.

There are those who experienced abuse at the hands of their own mother—and they feel conflicted, challenged and even confused as to how to hold their range of emotions within their being.

There are those who are single and long to be married and mothering their own children and they try to hold their head high on this day when their heart feels tender with unmet desire.

There are step-moms, maneuvering their way through the intricacies of blending families together.

There are those who placed children up for adoption that still hold that child in their hearts.

There are those whose nests have become emptier and they are now steering a new ship with less cargo and the shift in weight has left them feeling unbalanced and uneven.

There are many more categories and complexities and certainly not enough sections in the card department for all the different “mothers” in this world.

Today on Mother’s Day, where we celebrate a job well done, a job that is often thankless & profitless and rarely deposits resources into our retirement funds.

Let’s choose to celebrate one another instead of comparing one another.

Let’s choose to delight in one another and the distinct ways in which we mother instead of disregarding our differences.

Let’s sprinkle praise and blessings and encouragement on all mom’s everywhere instead of remaining silent and secluded.

Let’s see and celebrate our children…. All children that we have the privilege to mother as sacred teachers sent from God that bring with them a spiritual curriculum to grow our souls to deeper levels of perseverance, character, hope and love.

Here’s to you Moms, may you delight in all the beautiful benefits from this crazy job called MOTHERING.


Jeanne Stevens is one of the lead pastors of Soul City Church in the dynamic West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Jeanne has had the opportunity to teach, pastor and speak in to the lives of thousands of people across the US and around the world. Her passion to develop leaders, encourage people to live from the fullest part of themselves and to live boldly give her a unique voice of hope and challenge. You can follow Jeanne on Instagram & Twitter – @JeanneMStevens and become her friend on Facebook – Jeanne Stevens.

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