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Neema’s Plight

In an area known as Mile 46 in the Kajiado District of Kenya, the Elangata Wuas Primary School sits beside a grove of trees. On a seemingly ordinary Friday in July, the whole school — boys and girls, teachers and the headmaster — leave their lessons and gather to welcome visitors outside in the schoolyard.

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Voices From the Field: Cambodia

Today is International Women’s Day—a day when women around the world are celebrated, their impact recognized, and their God-given potential affirmed. Today, we envision bolder, brighter futures for the world’s women.

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Frontline Report: Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Referred to affectionately as the Heart of Africa; rich in resource, culture and beauty. The nation has some of the greatest concentrations of valuable raw minerals in the world, and Eastern Congo, in particular, is fertile and ripe for agricultural development.

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For the Women (feat. Amena Brown)

It’s International Women’s Day! This year, we say “Thank God for Women” not only with our words but with our commitment to create a better world for women—a world where every woman and girl has the dignity, opportunity and security she deserves. We’re incredibly grateful to author and spoken word poet Amena Brown, who wrote…

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It’s not a Moment. It’s a Movement.

The Year of Women “2018 will be the year of women,” states the title of a recent opinion piece on CNN. “Women are rising,” “harnessing their outrage,” and more “engaged, energized, and resolute” than ever before. We are living in a transformative “watershed” moment in U.S. history. For most of us, these are exciting, inspiring…

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Love Bears All Things

The Formation of The Sewing Program In 2016, World Relief conducted a focus group with recently-arrived Afghan families in Seattle, WA.  In it, we discovered that while many of the Afghan men are well-educated and fluent in English, most of the women, like Fatima, are pre-literate, meaning they cannot read or write in their own…

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