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Change isn’t easy but when we move together, we can be an irresistible force for good and an agent for lasting change.
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We Can Begin Now

We will be in Turkana today!
After traveling for almost 3 days now, we will finally arrive at our intended destination. It’s hard to know what to expect, when Turkana has occupied too little of the world’s attention when it comes to the unfolding food crisis in East Africa. Images of Somali refugees in the overcrowded Dadaab camp on the eastern Kenya-Somalia border are the icon of this crisis. Yet, in Turkana, acute malnutrition in children under 5 is over 30%, which classifies it well within the definition of a “crisis”.

This largely undocumented crisis is why the World Relief media team is now headed to northern Kenya. The full, complex picture of Turkana, its people and current food crisis will be hard to fully capture, but we can begin to now. We can also listen to the stories of those not yet heard, and pass them along to you, in hopes that you will pray with World Relief and the Kenyan Church as we move to be the hands and feet of Christ in Turkana.

Made for Change: A Meditation Series

2020 has been a year of incredible change.
What if we discovered that we didn’t just have to survive change, we could thrive in it; that we could lean in, look forward and reimagine the future together. What if we were made for change?

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