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It’s The Right thing To Do

If each one of us reflects on our own stories, we can see God clearly leading and moving in our lives. As I reflect on my own story, I see that I started out focused solely on myself. But then I met the Holy Spirit, and God became real to me. I made a firm…

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Leaving Ukraine: The Ochkur Family

The Ochkur Family – Slava, Iryna and three-year-old Olivia – had been working on their immigration to the United States from Ukraine for four years. Slava needed one last stamp on his documents, and then the airline tickets could be issued. They expected to get the call any day. Instead, on February 24, 2022, they…

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Who Is World Relief Spokane?

World Relief Spokane is a refugee resettlement agency, working in connection with the local community, to create a welcoming space for people fleeing persecution and violence in their countries of origin. The Spokane office was started in 1992 by Linda Unseth, which means 2022 marks 30 years of resettlement work. In those 30 years, more…

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Bashale and Mwambi: One fateful night leads to resettlement in Spokane

Written by Susan Yem In 1994, just one week after Mwambi arrived in her new marital home in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), her life and her future husband’s life changed forever in terrifying and unexpected ways. DRC is the second largest country in Africa. Although it is rich in natural resources like oil, diamonds…

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Who Is a Refugee? [and why should you care]

Not everyone who immigrates to the United States comes with the same status. While there is some overlap in terminology, following are some general definitions to keep in mind.  A migrant is someone who moves from place to place looking to improve their quality of life, through work or education. This is not to say…

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Volunteer Feature: Janine

“We are all called to live out our faith. Why help the next person? Because that is what God called us to do in the Bible.”- Janine Janine attends Garland Church and first got involved with World Relief through a Good Neighbor Team – a small group that surrounds and supports a family in the…

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