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Changing My Mind: One Year at World Relief

Barb meets a new friend.

Ethnocentrism: evaluation of other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one’s own culture. Google Dictionary Evaluating the world through the lens of our own culture and experience. We all do it. The important thing is whether or not we realize we are doing it because, if/when we do, we can…

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Compassion: Moving into Suffering

Deb with Turkish people and crisis rescue team

Destruction. And hopelessness. Those were the two realities Deb Russell faced everywhere she looked when she deployed to Turkey with Crisis Response International in March. On February 6, 2023, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit southeast Turkey near the Syrian border. After the initial earthquake, aftershocks numbering in the thousands continued to rock the region.…

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Raise Your Hand if You’re a Mama!

By Lisa Zanoni, World Relief Spokane Relationship Manager Raise your hand if you are a mama! Or have a mama. As a mother, or parent, we want our children to be safe and happy. Many of us have made the decision to move away from our family. The reasons are vast: we fall in love;…

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5 Ways to Learn More About Refugees

“No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” — poet Warsan Shire By Lisa Zanoni, World Relief Spokane relationship manager 103 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes, up from 89.3 million in 2021. 32.5 million of those displaced people are considered refugees, having fled across an international border…

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Morella: Venezuelan Hospitality

Morella demonstrates how to make arepas.

by Kallie Kohl, World Relief intern Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead. Walk beside me… Just be my friend. –Albert Camus At World Relief Spokane, a delicious smell drifting through the offices hints that golden-brown rounds of fried corn dough with melted cheese…

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BEYOND 90 DAYS: Intensive Case Management

By Cade Hajovsky, Fall Intern What Is Intensive Case Management? Not all newly arrived refugees can become self-sufficient and independent in 90 days. Many immigrants need more support. Through our Integration and Wellness department, World Relief provides case management to those struggling to get established. Case managers help clients navigate the health care system, legal…

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One Year Later: Erika’s Story

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, Erika Symonenko was working as a salesperson for a garage door company. “I went to Germany right after the war started to help some of my family members [who had fled Ukraine].” When she got back, however, she was desperate to do more. Being Part of the…

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It’s The Right thing To Do

If each one of us reflects on our own stories, we can see God clearly leading and moving in our lives. As I reflect on my own story, I see that I started out focused solely on myself. But then I met the Holy Spirit, and God became real to me. I made a firm…

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