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SCOPE: Faith Leader Engagement

The Critical Role of Faith Leaders

Faith leaders are often some of the most influential leaders in their communities and are uniquely placed to identify and meet the needs of those in the last mile. Faith leaders and faith communities often play crucial gatekeeping and influencer roles, helping to determine the success of community-based work in middle- and low-income countries. However, faith leaders may lack the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in helpful ways on health issues. The SCOPE project is engaging faith communities so that they can contribute to the reduction of preventable maternal and child mortality and morbidity by increasing demand for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) services and creating an enabling environment for social norm change for Family Planning (FP).

SCOPE engages faith communities through a multi-layered approach built upon World Relief's decades of work doing faith-led community development in some of the world’s most remote and hardest-to-reach communities. When faith leaders are engaged as true long-term partners in this work, they can be transformed from obstacles or bottlenecks to the best allies and partners on the ground.

Faith Engagement Throughout SCOPE

Faith Leader Engagement Curriculum

In addition to the English versions below, each module has been contextualized and translated into local languages for the relevant implementing SCOPE countries. If you'd like to access copies of these resources please reach out to Laura DePauw, SCOPE Knowledge Management Advisor.


Making Our Communities Better

Helping faith leaders and faith communities understand their role in community development and to envision how improving the health of families, especially mothers and their children, will benefit their communities

Trainer's Guide

Faith Leaders Icon

Family Life Education

Equipping faith leaders to communicate about sexual and reproductive health from Christian and Muslim perspectives

Trainer's Guide
Participant Handbook

Learn more about the SCOPE project

SCOPE: Faith Leader Engagement Overview (forthcoming)

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