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Neema’s Plight

In an area known as Mile 46 in the Kajiado District of Kenya, the Elangata Wuas Primary School sits beside a grove of trees. On a seemingly ordinary Friday in July, the whole school — boys and girls, teachers and the headmaster — leave their lessons and gather to welcome visitors outside in the schoolyard.

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Frontline Report: Jordan

This past March marked the 7-year anniversary of the war in Syria. It is a grim anniversary, marking seven years of loss, suffering and displacement for millions of people across the Middle East.

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Love Hopes All Things

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  What happens when an affluent, conservative, and mostly white church’s neighborhood is suddenly inundated with hundreds of international people? That’s what happened to us. In May of 2016, I was called as senior pastor of South Tulsa Baptist Church, a prominent Oklahoma church with strong denominational ties to the Southern Baptist Convention. South Tulsa…

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Agents of Peace Amid Despair

by Maggie KonstanskiWorld Relief Middle East Programs Technical and Operations Coordinator Last month, I stood in Iraq while looking out over Syria. My heart was heavy. New challenges emerged by the hour and all of our efforts felt insufficient when compared to the immense and ever-growing needs. As I stood in one land and looked…

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Thank God for Women — Defiant Love

Thank God for Women is a blog series rooted in gratitude for the strength, courage, and incredible capacity women demonstrate.  Six years ago, I was sitting at a small, unsteady table, in a room that was oppressively hot. Aamiina, a young refugee woman sat across from me. A few months prior to that, the word…

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In Remembrance of Alan Kurdi

[WARNING: The blog post below contains images that some readers may find disturbing.] Alan Kurdi died one year ago today. On September 2, 2015, three year old Alan’s lifeless body washed up on a beach in Turkey. The photo of Alan appeared on the homepage of just about every media outlet in the Western world.…

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The (Bloody) Face of Violence in Syria

If you haven’t already, take a moment and watch the video below. It’s not easy to watch. It shouldn’t be. It’s horrific, startling and heartbreaking. It feels all too familiar. We are two weeks away from the one year anniversary of young Alan Kurdi’s death. Seeing the photo of Aylan’s lifeless body washed up on…

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How You Stand with the Vulnerable

Because of the generosity of donors, World Relief was able to help Preemptive Love provide food and other essential items to 500 families in Fallujah. Two weeks ago, Iraqi military forces began ground operations around the city of Fallujah to reclaim it from ISIS. Within the first week, 500 families were liberated but left without food,…

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