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Transportation: Volunteers That Drive a Difference

Jan Probus, John Yoder, Lucy Larkin and Sherilyn Jones recently met for lunch at the Spokane office.

For newly arrived refugees, there’s nothing simple about it. They don’t have cars. They don’t have driver’s licenses. They don’t know the city. They don’t know the bus system. They can’t afford an Uber. And, often, they don’t know English well enough to ask directions.

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Good Neighbor Teams: walking together in welcome

GNT and family singing songs.

Good Neighbor Teams (GNT) are a group of individuals who are trained to walk alongside a family for six months as they adjust to life in Spokane. Such a partnership takes responsibility for much of the resettlement process including: acquiring housing, registering for schools and government agencies, locating jobs, etc.

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Souzan’s Story: fleeing religious persecution

Suzan is hugged by her children Seti and William.

Souzan held a Bible study in her home.  A seemingly benign, everyday activity. Except… Souzan lived in Iran. She had been secretly teaching the Bible in her home for years when one of her friends brought two new friends. Souzan didn’t know these new people, and she wasn’t sure of their motives. Did they want…

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Eleven Years, Seven Countries, One Home

At that moment, Bibi probably didn’t even know Spokane, Washington existed. If someone had told her that her four boys would all be 4.0 students or that she would one day be an American citizen, she might have assumed they were lying, crazy, or both

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