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Anzhella’s Story: Do Unto Others

Image of Angela and her daughter.

“My mom was so grateful. Even for the littlest things, she would say, ‘Thank you God!’ She would appreciate everything.” Anzhella (she goes by Angela here in the United States because people often have trouble pronouncing her given name correctly) came to the US when she was six years old. In addition to a twin…

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Meeting New Neighbors: First Impressions

Balinda. Anzhella. Rezvan. Ibadallah. Aziz. Ivan. Massuda. Elena. Haitham. Ivan. Abdul. Andrey. Morella. Halima. Viktorya. Just saying the names of a few of the people and new neighbors I have met in my first week of work at World Relief Spokane makes me smile. They come from the Ukraine, Congo, Afghanistan, Russia — places I…

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Alexis Dubreuil: Intern Reflection

I’ve always considered it a blessing to have been raised in an environment that exposed me to different types of peoples and cultures. I am one of a lucky few to have this blessing; the potlucks at my churches always presented a beautiful array of food originating from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean,…

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Stories of the Season: Former Refugee Serves on Two Reserves

Ehblu recently graduated Spokane Police Department’s reserve training. This is his story. “My name’s Ehblu. I was a refugee. I came here in 2008, to Spokane, with my family. I was eighteen years old when I got here. “Before I came here, I was born and raised in a refugee camp. My family, they were…

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Stories of the Season: Mustaba’s Restaurant

This Christmas season, we’re celebrating the accomplishments of former refugees in our community. This is the story of Mustaba and Tantuni Restaurant. “I’ve been in the United States five years and 2 months. I came to the US when I was 19 years old, and I started as a student in high school. Everyone told…

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