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Teach on Immigration 

From Sunday morning service to Thursday evening with friends, these teaching resources will equip you to teach or preach about compassionate, biblical welcome toward immigrants.

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Sermon Outlines

Immigration: Opportunity or Threat?

Matthew Soerens

While some see the arrival of immigrants as a threat, Scripture challenges us to see immigration as an opportunity to “make disciples of all nations” within our own communities.


Missional Living as the Family of God

Amber Diaz Pearson

God’s call to His people is both to defend the vulnerable, and to invite those who are far-off spiritually into faith in Jesus, moving from alienation to citizenship in God’s kingdom.


Global Migration and the People of God

Amber Diaz Pearson
The story of scripture is both a story of migrants and the story of God’s faithfulness in protecting his migratory people and establishing a home for them.


Nowhere are Warm Welcomes More Important than God's House

Keith Draper

God has always seen and heard the cries of displaced people through history, even up until today. His church has always been called to be a place that welcomes strangers into community and worship.


A Theology of Migration

Daniel Montañez

By framing migration through the Biblical narrative of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration, we see God’s original intention for migration as a blessing for the world.


The Quartet of the Vulnerable

Eric Lintala

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

This 4-part sermon series unpacks rationale and practices for loving the poor, orphan, widow, and foreigner in our midst using Biblical stories throughout the landscape of Scripture. 


Lament for Israel and Gaza

Roundtable: Welcoming the Stranger in an Election Year - Without Dividing Your Church

A Christian Response to the Refugee Crisis

Should Christians Support Tougher Immigration Laws?

The Bible and Borders

Beyond Hospitality - Sandra Van Opstal

Daniel Montañez - On a Theology of Migration

The Stranger: A Documentary


Hope-filled Stories From the Global Church

World Relief

Listen to voices from World Relief across the globe who share how the church is on the move among the vulnerable to change the world.


Life Across Borders

World Relief

This World Relief mini-series offers a global and a biblical perspective on the subjects of immigration, mass displacement and refugee resettlement, diving into current policies and practices and sharing stories of our collective human experience.


Resettled: What Happens When a Refugee Arrives in Virginia?

Virginia Public Media

This six-part series traces the U.S. refugee resettlement journey through the eyes of those directly experiencing it. Though not created from a faith-based perspective, each episode brings the listener key insights into the daily lives of refugees adjusting to life in the U.S.

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