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Following your calling

A man standing in front of a yellow wall.

Pascal shares about the experience he gained during his time at WRQC and the rewarding and fulfilling feelings which the World Relief mission brings.   

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The Impact of Youth Mentoring

An image of a Youth Mentoring student sitting at a table

Ruth shares the stigma around joining the WRQC Youth Mentoring Program and the rewarding outcomes from simply stepping out of the comfort zone.  Resettling in a new location can bring one of the most exciting feelings as individuals look forward to starting a new journey of life. However, for children of refugees and immigrants, there…

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Generations of Celebration

Gabi's graduation picture with her family

Hispanic Heritage Month has been celebrated for decades. Each year, families celebrate through festivals, gatherings and reflecting on the history and sacrifices past generations made. Gabriela Arreguin looks back on her family resettlement history and how far they’ve come since then. “I am very proud of where my family is now, they didn’t have much…

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Worth the Wait: Newlywed Refugees Love Remains

Worth the Wait: A Story of Faith, Perseverance and Love, Despite the Odds

For seven years, Congolese refugees (and newlyweds!), Mbimbi and Goreth, didn’t know if they would ever see each other again. Separated by continents, Mbimbi was stuck in Burundi while Goreth resettled and began her new life in America. In spite of the long wait, the two of them never lost hope, their love growing by…

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Liberty and Justice for All

“I can finally say I am a citizen of a country” Over a week has gone by and many of us have left the celebrations of July 4th behind, just the annual memories of fireworks, grilling out, and a patriotic wave of the American flag to honor of our country’s independence. But for some, like…

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A Welcome from Ukraine

I had been to Sea-Tac airport many times before, but this night was different. I was now a World Relief staff member, and for the first time, I was meeting a family resettling in the U.S. after being forced from their home country. The first step was connecting with Ana, the sister of the arriving…

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Your Family is Coming: A Refugee Family’s Long Road to Reunion

Your Family is Coming

Every day, people leave their homes due to persecution, violence, conflict, and climate-related factors. Their journeys to safety are often marked by loss, separation, and worry for those left behind.  For ten years, Ibrahim was separated from his family. This is their story of enduring hope. It’s a beautiful example of one refugee family reunited…

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From Burma to the U.S.

Saw Sar Kapaw*, pictured above with his wife and son, worked as a lawyer and activist in Burma, also known as Myanmar. He sought out justice and had a passion for his daily work. But on February 1, 2021, everything changed. His fight for justice had just begun. Burma, which sits just west of Thailand…

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